Benefits of Detroit SHRM Membership

Membership in Detroit SHRM provides human resource professionals with educational, networking, and leadership opportunities within our organization and local communities. Individuals interested in becoming involved in Detroit SHRM are invited to talk with our office staff or a board member or attend a chapter meeting to learn more about how we are supporting the HR professional and advancing the HR profession.

Membership Options Fitting Diverse Individual Needs

New to Detroit SHRM? Join today!

  • Stretch Your Talents

  • Exchange Best Practices

  • Become Certified/Recertified

  • Network with Highly Respected HR Professionals

  • Find Continuing Education Opportunities

  • Develop a Local Connection to the HR Profession

  • Build a Support System

  • Get LinkedIn Group Privileges

  • Online, searchable Member Directory

Students join to benefit from:

  • Network with Highly Respected HR Professionals

  • Mentorship

  • Certification/Recertification

  • Build a Support System

  • Learning Alongside Prospective Employers

  • Leadership/Volunteer Opportunities

  • Learn Best Practices from Professionals in the Field

  • Internship Opportunities/Resume Building

  • Real World vs. Classroom Experiences

  • Exposure to HR Specialties

In-between Careers? Let us help!

  • Discount on member dues if you are in transition

  • Network with Highly Respected HR Professionals

  • Uncover Job Opportunities

  • Certification/Recertification

  • Receive Additional Training

  • Receive Both Technical & Emotional Support

  • Keep Skills Current by Volunteering

  • Camaraderie

Current Members Renew to benefit from:

  • Diverse Program Lineup

  • Networking & Special Interest Groups

  • Certification/Recertification

  • Leadership Development

  • Legal Updates

  • Staying Current Within Your Industry

  • Fee Reduction for Member Renewal

  • User-Friendly Member Website

  • Community Outreach

  • Career Enrichment/Job Opportunities